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Top Ten Best Bird Pets To Own

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Speaking from a practical perspective , Bird pets can be considered the best companions as they are mainly easier to maintain that dogs and cats and they provide affection , There are many types of bird pets that you can have at your home and they are really fun to own , Each type of bird have a distinctive personality that makes it special in its own way , If you are thinking to buy a pet and you are considering birds then find out the best types and what type of care needed to maintain them . Below we will present to you a list of the Top Ten Best Bird Pets To Own and the best environment that is needed to comfort them .

10- Canary .

Has a beautiful look with a delightful yellow color , it is fun to be around as it have a beautiful sound , It is easy to maintain a canary bird by providing regular cleaning for the cage in addition to food and water , Canary birds can live up to 15 years if taken care of properly.

9- Society Finches .

The society Finches like company so they can not be kept alone , unlike the canary they are less noisy and messy which make them a great choice for an indoor pet , Like any bird they need regular cleaning , health checking and clean food and water . Society Finches can live up to 7 years .

8- Budgies .

The Budgies are small pet parrots that are native to Australia , The Budgies are very tender and gentle so they don’t make a suitable pet for a house that have playful children , this bird is very playful and requires continues stimulating and interact with humans , the fact that Budgies are very tender and gentle make them in need for a regular caring and medical check ups .

7- Bourke’s Parakeets .

This is another fantastic and playful pet bird that is native to Australia , The Bourke’s Parakeets are slightly bigger than Budgies ,They can live up to 15 years if proper health care is provided , regular cage cleaning is required in addition to providing fresh vegetables and water , if you are thinking to have a Bourke’s Parakeet bird pet then consider to a wider cage with a large enough room for the bird to move and fly around .

6- Peach-Faced Lovebird

The Peach-Faced Lovebird are expected to have a life span of up to 20 years , this particular type of pet birds require a lot of interact with humans as they are very playful and delightful , They need regular cleaning and feeding . Make sure to spend some time regularly for interacting with the bird .

5- The Cockatiel.

This pet bird can have different characters depending on its gender , females will be more cuddly while males will be more vocal , this type of bird has a life span of 30 years , They require larger cages as they need bigger room to fly around .

4- Pacific Parrotlet .

These small pet birds are not available mostly in the stores , which make their price go high , the bird need a lot of care and maintenance , daily feeding and cleaning , toys and interaction are all important factors to maintain the Pacific Parrotlet .

3- Diamond Dove .

The diamond Dove is a very peaceful and interesting pet bird to own , they don’t really enjoy a lot of human interact , they require taming so they can be comfortable and large cage .

2- Goldie’s lorikeet

This bird wont be easy to find in stores , however if it happen and you find one keep in mind that it is going to be a bit costly , these birds feed on nectar and require les maintenance unlike other types of birds on this list , they also are less noisy and very curious .

1- African Grey Parrot.

The African grey parrots are extremely smart as it is ranked among the world’s smartest birds and animals , it has an intelligence level that is similar to a 6 year old child , it can be a perfect pet for teenagers or slightly older children , the African grey parrot can get very bored if not stimulated with play this is one thing that need to be kept in mind if you are thinking to acquire one .

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