Sat. May 30th, 2020

10 things not to do when you enter a Zoo

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Watching animals and birds in their natural surroundings is a treat to eyes for many. Unfortunately, while getting this pleasure, we forget to follow the basic rules and Do’s & Don’ts issued by the Zoo authorities.

Here goes the list of 10 Don’ts which one should adhere to when he/she is in a ZOO:

1. Do not enter Animal’s enclosure

Wildlife lovers might want to get a closer view of animals and birds, but one has to respect the security walls and fences throughout the Zoo.

 You should never sneak into their enclosure… or else the result could be disastrous the way it happened Tuesday when a 19-year-old boy got mauled by a white tiger after he accidentally fell in its enclosure.

2.  Do not feed animals

Who knows animals would like your hand more than the food itself or may be an animal gets infection with your food. So, never try to feed animals and birds in the zoo for the sake of your as well as animal’s security.

3. Do not tease them!

Animals are not your friends who will smile back at your pranks or jokes. Please do not throw objects, tap or bang on exhibit glass or cages.

4. Do not litter

It’s ok if you are habitual of living in a messy room, but you have no right to make animal’s habitant dirty. Throw all the waste material in dustbin or keep it in your bag until you find an appropriate place to dump it.

5. Do not play music

You might be star guitarist/ piano player or DJ in your college or school, but animals are certainly not your audience.  Never try playing any audio-system or musical instrument inside the zoo, it can prove problematic for you as well as for others.

6. Do not carry sharp objects or fire arms

Zoo is not a firing range or a battle ground; it is a peaceful place of living for animals. So, leave all kinds of sharp objects or fire arms at your home before you leave for Zoo.

7. Do not disturb environment

Do not try climbing the trees in the zoo in case you are inspired by monkeys. Also, maintain the beauty of the area by not picking flowers or disturbing the landscape.

8. Do not eat inside

 Zoo is not a picnic spot in any case if you are mistaken. So do not carry any food items inside or else you will be thrown out.

9. Do not smoke inside

 Animals don’t like drugs! Don’t you know. Do not smoke inside the zoo premises at all.

10. Do not violate rules

Violating rules can prove lethal for your precious life. So abide by the Do’s and Don’ts and have a safe visit to the Zoo.

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